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We traveled further than we had planned. Arriving in Beaver Creek, Yukon, it was only 2:30 and the camping, modeling, eating choices were not attractive, so onward to Tok, Alaska. Here’s a couple photos of the almost empty campground where we will be tonight.

The owner said the pipes are just now unfrozen, and he just finished getting the snow off the tent sites. He expressed concern that Tofu and I might get too cold tonight. We did our best to allay his concerns.

So last night was Whitehorse, Yukon. I didn’t use the jacuzzi. The previous night I had looked at the extra long tub, and decided to take a bath for the first time in at least ten years. Getting in was OK, but getting out was a different matter. What with all my thrashing about, trying to get up I gave Tofu a pretty bad fright. So I took a hard look at the jacuzzi, and relived the trauma of the tub. Took a shower, went to bed, lights out. That is until 2:30am and Tofu decided she needed Togo outside. I had visions of her puking, pooping, or peeing all over our nice room, for which I had to put down a $100 deposit lest anything go wrong. So I dressed quickly, we went downstairs, the night manager let us out. We didn’t all ten feet to the gutter whenTofu poured forth with a torrent of (hallelujah) Pee! Got back to bed and slept well. Downtown Whitehorse they have a nice bust of Jack London, reminding us that he spent 1897 here. In 1898 he returned to Oakland, CA, where he began writing about the Yukon.

I must report that the Alaskan Highway, is a lot better maintained heading north to Alaska. About an hour out I saw what I wil say were three wild horses grazing on the roadside. No fences, no ranches, just three scruffy looking ponies. Actually I had been looking for my raven, and hadn’t seen it. So I surmised that maybe instead of three ravens I would have to make due with horses. About a quarter mile after seeing the horses there was a road sign with a picture of a horse on it. After a couple hours we took a rest stop and I decided to do a redundant mountain shot. The mountains are literally everywhere.

Now children the story may get a little spooky, so prepare yourselves. We drove into Haines Junction, and on the corner was a motel called (you guessed it) The Raven, complete with a big picture, We traveled north and I kept thinking about how close the mountains are to us and how I would like to capture that proximity in a photo. So as we come around a bend it looks as though we’re going to run right into the mountain. At the base of this bluff is a little visitor center. I get out and take the following pics:

I was turning counterclockwise when I took these shots. I looked to my left and look who is 10 feet from me.

It’s hard for you to tell how big this raven is, but let me assure you my Raven is one big bird! I don’t speak raven but my guess is he/she was asking “Would you have some food to offer” I wasn’t really given an opportunity to respond. The wind was blowing strong and the raven leapt into the air. She rose almost vertically to 20 feet and then spiraled clockwise, wheeling north over the highway. I got in our 2005 mini van and followed north. Hold on to your seats as ten miles up the road I saw a second raven spiraling above the road. Another ten down the road a third raven. And I’m telling the truth another ten miles or so I saw a fourth raven spiraling over the road. I never saw another raven the rest of the day. Each day add one raven. This is the fourth day. I haven’t seen much other bird life on this trip, some little bush birds. Remember the honkers from several days ago?

So one more thing before I stop writing. If you ever get the chance eat at Fast Eddie’s in Tok, Alaska.

No, that wasn’t it. All day I’ve been trying to come up with a new motto for the Yukon. Remember? Yukon: Larger than life. I have some theological problems with that motto. Larger than Life…really? I don’t think so. But after much rumination I almost gave up finding a better phrase. But then I came up with the following…Yukon: Beyond All Expectations. That’s what it has felt like to me.

And when we got to Alaska the road turned to crap.

Goodnight! Love, John

4 thoughts on “USA Today

  1. Hi John! Love reading your updates each day! Your post today reminds me of this song by my most favorite folk singer, Tracy Grammer. Check it out when you get a chance-

    Love, Amy

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    1. Oh Amy, thank you for the song, beautiful and certainly relevant. I think people will see your link and be able to go to the song. I encourage people to look up the lyrics for “Low Tide”.


  2. I had a Raven thing to say and erased it. Seemed oyt of context.

    So glad you made it to Alaska, sorry the roads are horrible.
    I’m grateful Ralph got me a Jacuzzi I can get into and out of easily. We take so many blessings for granted.
    Happy Tofu did not get sick and the ravens provided you with vision. Love you John!

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  3. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing although I have to say I can almost feel that cold wind. Sounds like things are going well but the whole raven thing is getting a little eerie….travel on.

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