Southern Vermont is Beautiful

This morning we were in Oriskany New York. Our Motel was in a strange place. This is the only motel for a couple miles. The training Center is also an airport. But there’s hardly any traffic. Country road wise we had our best day. I didn’t have to stop, turn around, backup, or any other […]

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15 years on the Erie Canal

It was a frosty morning at Niagara Falls. Tofu and I started down the turnpike heading east toward Oriskany (Ore-ISS-kahknee) New York. The turnpike is sometimes called the Eire Canal Highway. As we drove through the mostly flat land, I wondered if we would have an opportunity to encounter the Canal. The turnpike is very […]

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On to Niagara Falls

My blog problem has been resolved. Sorry if you found the last one confusing. I’m not going to look at it for awhile. So this morning we woke up to this outside our door. Leaving Carlisle I immediately got us lost. After some cursing, we got back on track and headed North. Saw some stuff […]

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Oh Shenandoah

Jimmy Stewart was Lynnie’s favorite actor. The movie Shenandoah, starring Jimmy Stewart, came out in 1965, which was also the year we got together. So as today Tofu and I crossed the Blue Ridge mountains, and came into the Shenandoah valley, I thought “Lynnie would love to see this. The golden trees, the gorgeous farm […]

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Battle after battle

I visited 5 battlefields on a rainy day. First was Petersburg; south of Richmond (Robert E. Lees’s home). Grant was attempting to get to Richmond by going after Petersburg first. We’re visiting these battles in the opposite order of their occurrence. I crossed Battery five and then went Dow stairs and a trail that led […]

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Perseverance pays off

This morning Tofu and I headed north out of North Carolina and into Virginia. We got off the freeway at Emporia, Virginia. I wanted to see if I could find a grocery store in the old town. After looking high and low, I stopped a man walking down the street. “Is there a grocery store […]

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