Home again

The landscape changes so dramatically, when crossing into western Oregon, from north and east. I’ve always considered Hood River the dividing line between east and west along the Columbia. Yesterday I showed some Rhodes in the park. But flowers were blooming all around town. It was lush. I remember when traveling south from The Yukon […]

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Yesterday Tofu and I travelled from Ellensburg to our Portland family home, with Jeremiah, Nan and Sam. Road trip In some ways we completed our great northern road trip at Celilo Falls, which is now buried under tons of water due to the Dalles Dam on the Columbia River. If you are able to read […]

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Gone Fiddling Again.

That’s what this couple call themselves. They’re playing on the lawn of the Ellensburg KOA camp. Tofu and I are the only other people on the lawn. They’re really pretty good. I’ve been listening almost an hour. I like all their picks so far. Everything from Blue Bajou, to Yesterday, and Folsom Prison Blues. The […]

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Hey Stu!

So last night Tofu and I were taking our evening stroll. As we travelled by the RV’s in Northland RV Park, which is a small place just South Prince George, I was looking at license plates. I’ve only seen one other Oregon plate on our entire journey and that was in a snowstorm. I saw […]

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What I meant to say…

Is that the only grass I saw in Alaska or the Yukon, looked as though the dirt was imported from somewhere else. At First Christian Church in Anchorage you can see a few ducts of some wild grass growing through the gravel. But across the street is the headquarters of British Petroleum, and they have […]

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National Wildlife Day…

OK, I just made that up. Today Tofu and I traveled from Watson Lake to Fort Newlson, B.C. It was hugely incredible, superlative,superlative. Scenery. I didn’t take many pictures of that. Instead it became National Wildlife Day. I saw more animals today than on any other day. Four ravens, one bunny rabbit, many bison, many […]

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Stairway to Heaven

Tofu wanted to take a long walk this morning, so I found the path where previously we found the sign that I like so much but won’t be following. The one about returning by the same portage as you went. So we walked this pathway at the base of a bluff until we came to […]

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