Stairway to Heaven

Tofu wanted to take a long walk this morning, so I found the path where previously we found the sign that I like so much but won’t be following. The one about returning by the same portage as you went. So we walked this pathway at the base of a bluff until we came to this…

Some ladies were just about down, so I asked, “Is this the famed Stairway to Heaven?” “Yes, It is.” Not intentionally suicidal, Tofu and I started the climb. For your information, the wooden rail on the right is for cyclists, a number of which passed me both ascending and descending. Alas, we got to the top! Here is what we saw…

Apparently the Stairway to Heaven leads to a runway, where you can catch a plane to Heaven. However Another old couple climbing the stairs caught up to me and said, “No departures today, or most days for that matter.” I didn’t know what to make of that so rather than walking around the airport We went down these:

Notice the bike? It was about 8am and there were other people on these stairs the whole time I was ascending and descending. This got me to thinking about “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” What I’m thinking is that the road to Heaven is also paved with good intentions. The intentions go both ways. I would hate to discourage people from their good intentions. But I would suggest we study up as best we can before climbing those stairs (slight digression); are we fit for the journey? Have we given as much attention to method and process as we have to the hoped for results? If we’re told we’re doing more harm than good are we open minded enough to question our objectives? Are we capable of changing intentions? Well these are all great things for Tofu and me to ponder.

After all those stairs Tofu rested in the van while I got two more of the best scones I have ever eaten in my life and some coffee. Then I went through a whirlwind of photo taking. In and out of the car, I neglected to secure my second scone and Tofu ATE IT!! Allergy dog has been scratching all afternoon…damn, damn, damn. I INTENDED to secure the scone properly but she doggedly pursued it. My bad. Here’s a picture sampler of this amazing place. I may not pass this way again, but I recommend you come here if you can.

There are busts on almost every block of Main Street, but only one is of a woman, so by rights I’m only showing one of each persuasion. The log cabin tucked under the building is the oldest building in Whitehorse, a telegraph office. It is in its original location and a museum has been built around it. The telegraph was one of a number of ploys (including the deployment of the Northwest Mounted Police (later the Royal)) which secured the Yukon for Canada instead of the U.S.

How about that Skyscraper log cabin? I hope someone will show Dave Bell The Old Log Church. Those Anglicans always have known how to spruce something up right.

Oh I want you to see some kids preparing to go canoeing on a 39 degree morning.

They were listening to the instructor intensely, which seems like good intentions on their part. As for me, I’ve spent most of the afternoon mapping out the journey home. I intend for Tofu and me to be at Watson Lake, Yukon tomorrow night, and I intend to come up with a strategy for staying warm on a night it is predicted to dip down to 31.

Stay warm and pliable everyone! Love,

7 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven

  1. Good you and Tofu are getting some exercise to offset the travel sitting. Hope Tofu is un-itchy by now. I’m sure she enjoyed the scone at the time though. Fascinating town. Now on to new adventures and warmer climes!

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  2. I’m really glad they have added so much to this town. Nice they honored Pierre Berton. You would like Klondike Fever. I also have a small book his mother wrote about living in the ghost town of Dawson. She taught there. Of course I have a book of Robert Service’s poetry. Let me know if you want to borrow them.

    Have you seen any moose? Northern Lights? Of course it has to be dark to see the Northern lights and you are probably sleeping. Stay warm!


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    1. “The northern nights have seen strange sights but the queerest they ever did see… my Grandpa loved to recite Service. I do want to read Berton. I took the photo so I could remember to find the book… then I thought others might be interested too. I’m really charmed by the town.


  3. John, I just heard on the radio (NPR) that British Columbia is bracing for severe flooding because of rapid snow melt. They said some 20 communities were impacted, but of course they didn’t name any. BC is a huge Province, but thought you should check in with someone as you finalize your route to avoid the worst of it.

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