Escape from Arizona

Wow, I wrote several paragraphs and saved them as a draft. But it disappeared and I can’t seem to get it back. So I’m starting over.

I’ve had a multi- layered conversion experience. Rather than a blow-by-blow (see first draft), I’ll give a brief summary. I’m all rigged for tent camping, which I enjoy when the weather is mild, and the traffic noise is low. In the middle of a rain storm, Tofu and I got upgraded to nice, quiet, warm camping cabin at the Holcomb KOA. The starting price was fine, and I was Okay with paying extra for Tofu plus as a tax and spend liberal, I’ve never minded paying taxes. $64. I was happy to pay; it was quiet and warm. But then I remembered our $74 night in a cheap motel in Tonopah. Curiosity drove me to the internet. Wow! I’m staying at a motel 6 in Albuquerque with a king size bed, shower, tv, WiFi, for a total of $51. Tomorrow, I’m already booked at $45!

My new religion is Motel 6. It is cold here. It is rainy. They are predicting snow in the vicinity. It is my intention to attend church regularly; and as long as I put money in their plate, and Tofu behaves, we’re set.

This morning at the KOA, I dodged mud puddles, loading the van, as snow spit on me. It was a chilly start, but off we went to the Petrified Forest.

So all these logs you’re going to see are really rocks.

Dinosaur break!

Across from the above hill are the ruins of a Pueblo community of about 100 people.

Of course there are petroglyphs at the site.

Below is an agate log, that has formed a bridge. The log is 115 feet long. Notice underneath it is now supported by concrete pillars. In the old days, daring people would stand on it. But the par service became concerned the bridge would collapse. I’ve spent a lifetime picking up beach agates. The scale of this is hard on my brain.

Well of course a Raven showed up. Without Tofu’s permission, I fed her some bits of dog treats. This is the last of the photos I took today. We got back on I-40 heading East. As we traveled through what was left of Arizona, I saw the most ravens I’ve ever seen in one day. Evidently eastern Arizona is raven Mecca. But once we crossed into New Mexico the ravens disappeared. I had been longing for a rest area, when to my delight. New Mexico announced a Rest Area and Welcoming Center. What a relief, oops wait a minute, the place is closed. Welcome to New Mexico! I found a place, and went several hours further down the road. I was pleased to see a Rest Area coming up. I took the exit, went around a traffic circle and you guessed it; closed.

Oh I forgot to say we crossed the Continental Divide at 7275 feet. So, I saw a lot of that painted desert stuff. Beautiful rising up from the desert valley. I bet on a sunny day, it would be even more spectacular. But at the end of the day, I was going road blind.

Right beside our Motel 6 is a Buffalo Wild Wings. I haven’t been able to bereaved any excitement o go to the one in Corvallis, so this was my chance. Great margarita, great wings, really noisy with tv screens everywhere. As a solo, I was thoroughly entertained, watching the old cronies trying the place out. They couldn’t hear each other at all.

So now it’s time for me to join Tofu in recline mode. I wish you well tonight. Love.

One thought on “Escape from Arizona

  1. Our neighborhood has changed. We seem to have a pair of ravens between us and Puget Sound. I’m not seeing as many crows. The eagles that live down the beach aways show up regularly. There’s an owl I’ve seen once, but hear regularly. We do enjoy our bird neighbors as well as our people neighbors. I remember the petrified forrest. Is the petrified long cabin bar still there? I’ve not been snow camping for years now. Some of our equipment went to So. Dakota with a friend protesting the pipeline. Tofu is welcome in worship at FCC Bremerton.

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