I’d never heard of it until I booked a room there at Motel 6. By now you’ve probably discovered that my travel route is determined by the availability of a Motel 6. In the Northeast they are somewhat rare. “Why Motel 6?” you may ask. Well besides being the cheapest motel chain in the country, they do not charge extra for pets. The one I stayed at in Portland, seemed to be the place the churches were sending indigent people a place to stay for the night. So tonight we are in Groton, Connecticut.

It was raining when we left Portland. It was pouring as we went across New Hampshire. It was a deluge in Boston. I saw only the road, the terrible traffic, and the rain beating on the windshield. By the time we passed through Providence, the weather was lifting. We actually got to see the city as we drove through. By the time we got to Groton my expectations were not too high. The old part of town is on the waterfront. We went right on by our motel and headed for the water. The first thing we saw was a little memorial park. So I jumped out and took some photos.

Oh, by the way, they build submarines in Groton.

But before we get to that, in the park you can see an enormous bridge.

On the other side of the bridge is another town… New London I think.

On our side of the Sound there are little houses and boats.

We drove on through the this blue collar town. Lots of people working for the big operator in town, General Dynamics. Electric Boats, ring any bells? Lots os signs on fences saying, No Trespassing, Defense Contractor, No Photographs, Restricted Area, etc. In the late afternoon, there were all these rough and tumble guys (and gals) leaving work and head for the bars. No kidding, it was like out of the movies; there was a huge traffic jamb at one of these bars.

oh yes, there was another famous company in this small town.

Yep a guard house and everything for one of America’s drug giants… and a huge building complex that I couldn’t capture in my lens.

Have you heard of the University of Connecticut at Avery Point? When you get to the end of Groton, you’re at Avery Point.

Turn around and look out from this building. Here’s what you see.

Between the stone building and the sea, there are some works of art (for sale), and a grave.

Here’s a work of art from God.

This must have been some rich people’s estate.

All the newer buildings are basically terrible. Here’s the Academic Building as an example. Well it looks better in the picture than it is.

Leaving Avery Point we headed for the motel, but up a hill on our right I see an obelisk. We park the van at a dead end and walk through the grass up a steep hill. Here’s what we found.

Hey Frank and Karen, this is your family Fort!

One last thing about Groton. Next to the Griswold Monument was a little church, that is now in use as an Islamic Center.

This Motel 6 adventure has led me to some interesting places. Tomorrow Tofu and I are going to Frackville. I can only imagine what we’ll find there.

It’s time for Tofu and I to address our bedtime ritual. Sweet dreams. Love.

One thought on “Groton

  1. Yes, it is totally possible we are related to “that” Griswold. We are also related to the Griswolds who made the wonderful cast iron. We aren’t really into genealogy so have not done the research. Do know that Frank’s father, grandfather and great-g came from Roscoe NY so in the right area. Fun to learn about the fort!

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