Ex post Frackville

Here’s the view of Frackville from a hill where a McDonald’s is located.

A poor little town built by coal mining, now powered by wind mills along the ridge behind it. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, I had a Big Mac for dinner last night. I have been paying for it all day today. Oh my guts, my guts. For awhile I thought I was having a recurrence of kidney stones. But now I have come to a different conclusion. Big Mac Attack.

I took only two pictures today. I had hopes of a clearer shot of Danville Pennsylvania, just across the Susquehanna River. But these will have to do.

No kidding, I ‘m feeling pretty miserable tonight in Youngstown, Ohio. Hopefully this will run ( literally) it’s course in a few hours. Love.

4 thoughts on “Ex post Frackville

  1. Could have been something you ate 24-48 hours before. Sorry you are sick.

    I don’t know your route from Youngstown, but if you go anywhere near Columbus Indiana consider a stop. It is about 1 hour south of Indiana off of I-65. It is rated as the 6th best architectural city in the nation by architects after cities like San Francisco and Chicago. It is a town of about 44,000 https://columbus.in.us/ All of the major world architects in the 50’s and 60’s designed buildings there including two of the Disciples churches. It is a fascinating city, you walk around and see Henry Moore sculptures and incredible worship spaces.

    Or you can go to Rushville (small town) and see the gym where they filmed Hoosier although the team the movie is about wasn’t from there. Indiana has 9 or the 10 largest high school gyms in the nation–probably not true anymore because the one in my hometown has been demolished.

    Southern Indiana is really beautiful, but you are too late for the fall follage. Brown County State Park is a favorite. Lincoln’s boyhood home is in Indiana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Boyhood_National_Memorial but the most interesting Lincoln places are in the Springfield Illinois area. His adult home, burial site and not to far away is where he worked and fell in love with Anne who died. I think that is the New Salem State Historic Site. Springfield also has a Frank Lloyd Wright home.

    If you go through Cincinnati, they have a fairly new museum about the Underground Railroad.



    1. Feeling much better this morning. I would love to see Columbus. I’ve been to Indianapolis. Cincinnati, Springfield, Illinois and Lincoln’s Indiana home. But I haven’t been toMichigan. So my plan as of today is to go to Toledo, then north. But I appreciate the ideas you keep throwing out.


  2. Glad you are feeling better today! Glad you were “born again” after the wallet experience! (Now you are Baptist covered and Disciples dunked!) Hope you have an interesting journey as you are homeward bound.


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