Traveling Before Traveling

Let’s see how this is going to work. We’re going on a trip that is further than going from Corvallis, Oregon to New York City…. One Way! We hope to be traveling both ways.

But before traveling I’ve got to see if I can make this blog blogify. Will the picture I put on this page show up when I’ve published. Will there be a dog named Tofu standing beside a 2005 Toyota Sienna Van, with a strange tent-like contraption attached? If so I’ve successfully begun blogging before we’ve begun traveling.

Maybe it’s possible for me to add another photo?18BaldHillB

That’s my girl! A selfie with Tofu after hiking to the top of Bald Hill a few weeks ago.

Now I’ll publish this page. Hopefully everything works and I can get back to other travels before traveling.

10 thoughts on “Traveling Before Traveling

  1. Hey, so far so good! Getting the technology working for you is a good start! Looking forward to the further adventures of………


  2. A fine tune and fitting…not often a Phish song includes the word “pastor”


    I always had to tell her to relax
    And a cat can slip indoors through multitudes of cracks
    And it’s funny what they’ll do cause cracks lead outside too
    When I asked her where she’s going she said, far away from you

    Stuck here on my own now, diggin’ down deep
    I don’t understand it but I ain’t losing sleep
    I’m not gonna lay down, I’ll head north out of town
    I don’t know but I think I’ll go, a track dog mushin’ with an Eskimo

    In Alaska, Alaska, I think I’ll try Alaska, somewhere she might wait for me I’ll catch up just wait and see
    Idaho, Nebraska I don’t know “I’ll aska”, Think I’ll try I guess I’ll try Alaska…

    I sold my old piano for the rent
    I loaded up on bug spray and I found my daddy’s tent
    And now I’m in high gear, doin’ 45
    Hummin’ a tune, I won’t see the sun till sometime in July.

    I guess I coulda flown or took a train, but you won’t see a moose when you’re sittin’ on a plane.
    And now there’s no more road, but I got a light load and if she isn’t in Alaska I’ll stay and pan for gold.

    In Alaska, Alaska I think I’ll try Alaska somewhere she might wait for me I’ll catch up just wait and see…

    Idaho, Nebraska, I don’t know “I’ll aska” I think I’ll try, I guess I’ll try Alaska.

    Just when I thought I’d end up alone, Big ol’ Alaskan mama come walkin’ down the road

    Alaska, Alaska I’ll stay right here in Alaska all settled down and havin fun here in the land of the midnight sun

    Is it time to call the Pastor, I don’t know “I’ll aska” I’ll stay right here, I’ll stay right here… I’ll say tight here, I’ll stay right here…

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  3. Can definitely see the selfie of you and Tofu – good job! Technology can be fun, right? Wishing safe travels and fun adventures, of the not stressful kind.


  4. Success! You will be an accomplished blogger before you know it! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures that lie ahead.


  5. It looks like you have a good handle on the technology! We are looking forward to vicariously sharing your journey! You have poet’s pen, an artist’s eye, an adventurer’s soul, and an open heart. Those bode well for all who share this odyssey!

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