Why would anyone want to leave a place like this?

Well, of course, I don’t want to leave it for good. I’m going to miss seeing most of our rhodies bloom. The azalea are just getting started; they’ll be done flowering by the time Tofu and I return. When We get home I’m going to have to face the roses; more than a hundred of them planted since 2008.

Here’s a photo of some of the folks I’ll be missing the most when I leave town.

This pic was taken a few years ago. The little guy in red has his 10th birthday toward the end of May. I’ll be in Portland for that party. The girl in green is graduating from Corvallis High School in a few weeks. Can’t miss that. The boy in blue is 6 feet tall. Got to see what’s next for him. And the woman at the center of the group, my heart, whose middle name is Rose, died March 5.

So, rather than stay and face the flowers, I’m chasing some other scenery. They don’t have roses in Canada do they? Maybe it’s the solitude of a long lonesome highway I’m trying to embrace. Or better yet, my chosen therapists live in Anchorage. It’s time we met face-to-face.

So for now I’ll stop bawling and get packing. Tofu doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so I guess it’s up to me to get us ready to go. Love to you and yours.

My home is in a beautiful garden. I won’t be gone long. I’m confident everything and everyone will be well tended even in my absence.

7 thoughts on “Why would anyone want to leave a place like this?

  1. It is all right to cry along your journey to Alaska. Some of those tears will come from seeing sheer beauty !! God’s Blessing and Peace Those Reynolds

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  2. Sending you love and prayers for a safe journey that will help heal your heart. You will be missed here, and we look forward to hearing all about the trip when you return.Godspeed.

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  3. John,
    Have a wonderful trip. I’ll be looking forward to your messages and comments of all you experience. I have never been to Alaska so will experience it through your eyes.
    Safe trip. Sandy Landis.

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  4. We hold you in our heart as you head out on your journey to find out how you can “bear the unbearable sorrow” of your own heart. Treasure the tears; treasure the stranger who “opens your eyes”; treasure the view as you traverse this new “geography of grace”; and treasure the embrace of “those chosen therapists” and all of us who hold you close. Love and prayers.

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  5. We wish you all the best on your travels, which if I recall, start today! I don’t know if we will be available when you pass near us today due to other commitments, but please feel free to call on my cell! Happy Trails!


  6. Today was a beautiful day to travel in the ONE, birds singing, sun shining. Spring is beautiful here. Safe journeys John and Tofu, Ralph and I hold love and prayers for you.

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  7. John, your Alaska adventure sounds like a perfect RX for a broken heart. Enjoy the beauty of God’s Northern creation as your heart heals. One of my fondest memories of my dear Dale is of our trip to Juneau in our boat via the beautiful inland water way in 1994.

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