Dease Lake Campgrounds not open yet!

So I got gas at the only gas station in town. Store owners said we could park in the wide spot in the road. But I am in serious need of a shower. Fortunately there is one motel in the middle of nowhere (or everything) depending on your point of view. So for a mere $146 Canadian, Tofu and I have a decent room. Also the only gas station is the only grocery store and the only (sort of) restaurant. So at 5pm they were closing the deli and I snagged the last bowl of noodle soup (surprisingly good), and a roll and a coke. I sat down at a long picnic table close to a man older than me. Paul has lived in Dease Lake for 30 years. Evidently likes to sit down at the only picnic table in town and watch the world go by. Oh yes, I must let you know they are renovating our motel.Loud banging right outside the window. They are supposed to stop by 7pm. Evidently the workers are all from Smithers, so they are living at the motel. All their trucks are taking up the good parking places. What am I complaint about? I’ve got a real bed tonight!

What a day this has been. The place we stayed last night had a Spot (refer to yesterday’s post) we could stay. All their regular tent sites were filled with tree planters (that is people whose work is to plant trees). I was pleased to learn the showers were free. What I didn’t realize was that there was only one commode for males and two shower stalls. This morning there was a long line to use the pot/take a shower. So we just left.

I almost entitled today’s blog Purple Mountains’ Majesty. It was an 8 hour drive through majestic mountains. Most of the time it was like Smithers; the mountains were up close and very personal. I decided to take no more photos of the mountains. There really weren’t many good places to stop (or there were way too many pictures to take). When I get home I’ll buy a Beautiful British Columbia coffee table book. You can come to my house and I’ll point and say “I was there!” But of course when I stopped for a break I took the picture above.

At another stop I decided the roadside sign was good and informative! Traveling along the road I saw before me something like a cumulus cloudscape. As we got closer I realized it was mountain all the way up. Peaks topped with marshmallow cream.

300 miles into the day’s journey, I awoke from my grief trance (more later) and wondered if I-had missed a turnoff. The highway was turning into a country lane. There was no center line, no shoulders. It was like going from a city road to a country road, that becomes a gravel road. Yes. It became an on again, off again gravel road Finally I saw a sign that confirmed I was still on the way to Dease Lake.

I stopped at a wide spot I the road, to take a picture of this lake that was miles long and maybe a mile across, It was all ice.

So then, I took a picture of the road,both directions. ( This motel WiFi is having trouble loading photos). While I’m waiting, I’ll keep typing. Oh yeah, new signage report: Watch out for bears! Watch out for wildlife! Watch out for livestock! (This one 3 times about an hour apart, in places without any signs of grazing land or human habitation). There weren’t even any horses in this area,and they are as plentiful as cattle in these parts. I drove an hour and saw fewer than ten vehicles coming at me, none in my lane and none parked on the side of the road. Travers this is the country where you want to keep your tank more than half full. There were lots of places where you couldn’t get off the road if something went wrong. Photo finally loaded, so here’s my road pictures taken by the frozen lake.

Not so bad. Wildlife report: I saw a jackrabbit successfully hopped across the road. Also yesterday I didn’t report that I saw a raven. I did, but it was quick and seemed ominous. But today I saw another one. It was on a bridge rail, and stayed put looking at the raging river as I slowly went by. It was as big as a house (slight exaggeration), definitely a raven, but it didn’t speak. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the ravens.

I need to say the most fascinating architectural feature of the are the concrete/iron bridges paved with wooden planks; smooth, soft and quiet.

Okay a really frozen lake. My last picture of the day. But I need to report on my grief trance. It started when I started feeling sorry for Tofu. Back home, Tofu always wants to ride in the car. She hates being left home. But today is her fourth full day on the road, in what must be a claustrophobic space for her. I’m thinking by the time this trip is over, and she’s home in Corvallis, she may not be so anxious to jump in the car. This led me to tell her, “Tofu, when you get back home you are going to be excited to see all your people. Of course there’s one of your people you may think will be there, but she won’t”. And so with that I morphed into a gelatinous mass. Every time the grief door opens there are particular memories of Lynnie’s final days that overwhelm me. I’m not going into that now. What I will say in closing, is that even in a grief trance I was able to safely travel down the right path, negotiating the correct turns, and happily, joyfully landed in the middle of nowhere (everywhere). Perhaps we should thank the raven.

Time to take Tofu for an evening walk in the gravel. Not much grass here.

Goodnight and Love,


8 thoughts on “Dease Lake Campgrounds not open yet!

  1. John and I traved in that area some years ago. I wanted to keep going north to the Northwest Territories but we had to get back. The mountains kept getting larger and more spectacular. You are in our hearts and prayers. Tofu too.

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  2. You should still see a sign or three about hot springs I highly recommend them to get your muscles in lower end happy again.

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  3. Love you John…BTW I’ve had a few of those moments where space just takes over your mind. Grief is such a big battle, never ending and relentless. God Bless You, Diana

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  4. Perhaps the raven is your spirit animal, guiding you in your journey and being with you as you ponder the road ahead. Love and hugs.

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  5. Several times un-consciously I’ve stumbled on the path
    and seen a mountain in the mist
    As rain falls on my shoulders, sun rises in the east
    I’m worn and bruised, but
    I am here at least

    I guess I’m just an obstacle, a thing to overcome
    If I can sneak around myself and
    again, I’ll know I’ve won
    The moment seems to hang and float
    before me with no end
    til I’m released, awake in peace(awakened beast???)
    I’m on the road again

    But now I’m soaring far too high
    A fleck of dust up in the sky where
    tiny clouds go sailing by
    Pull me down today

    woven in the fairytales we fabricate each day
    are little golden strands of truth that
    glimmer in the light
    the colorful material we hold a certain way
    to keep us from the cold and help to
    get us through the night

    But now I’m soaring far too high
    a fleck of dust up in the sky
    where tiny clouds go sailing by
    Pull me down today
    Pull me down today
    Pull me down today
    Pull me down

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  6. I’m having trouble keeping up with you John. You are on a roll!! I love the pictures as I’ve heard forever about this highway, but have never seen photos. I love it!

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