Scenery keeps changing

First a pic of our lovely camping spot at Williams Lake. Yes #73 is our spot. Spot is exactly the right word.

Then a rest stop. Tofu is interested in the contents of the bowl.

We kept passing all these lakes; some little and some miles long. Never saw anyone on the water. Some giant honkers buzzed us while we were packing. I noticed a couple of small lakes had tic tac toe markings in the middle of the lake. Finally it dawned on me they were seaplane tracks on slushy ice. Yep started to see a lot more ice in the waters and snow patches and…

This is the view from Smithers, where Tofu and I are staying tonight. I was gob smacked when it first showed up on the road. Then we just kept getting closer, until God or somebody told me “Get off your butt. Get out of your van… and ponder this great sight. Also take a picture to share with your friends.” Rarely has the word of the Lord, or whoever, been more clear to me.

Oh and let me report the further north we travel, the warmer it has gotten. It was 64 degrees when we arrived in Smithers. I have a Feeling it’s gonna be a cold night.

The road is in good shape. There are a lot of road maintenance delays… but hey, so far few potholes. A minor complaint: every few miles there are signs announcing wild life crossings: long Horn Sheep, deer, caribou, elk, moose. But so far I’ve only seen the Sheep and some deer. Everyone was alive but the highway people need to get the wildlife more active. I’ve come with high expectations.

It took us eight hours to get to Smithers. I’m expecting tomorrow may be even longer. Tofu and I seem to be holding up OK!

Sleep well and tune in tomorrow for further adventures. Good night and love,


6 thoughts on “Scenery keeps changing

  1. Beautiful mountains!! I suspect you may see more of that type of scenery. The camping spot at Williams Lake did leave a little to be desired, but at least your neighbors were close. 🙂 Tofu looks like she is up for the adventure! Keep on keeping on – we’re looking forward to the next installment of your travelogue. Stay safe!


  2. John, Thank you for letting us share the adventure with you. I’ve long wanted to go to Alaska, and by road would be my first choice. This lets me sample the sights and hear what it’s like. You’re such a good writer that it helps us appreciate the landscape and more. Witness your unredacted theophany in the most recent post. Grief is a long course to travel, especially with a love so long, deep and wide. I’m glad that you have Tofu along with you and trusted people at your destination. I’ll be eager to read as you continue to post. Doug

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