Life with the Bolings

I meant to take one day off from writing and it has stretched out a little. That’s life with the Bolings. Sunday morning Tofu and I went to church here:

Inside the building a whole lot of church was going on.

Paul and Dave are looking great! Between them I think they’ve lost about 300 pounds, through healthy living the past two years. Jennifer, on the left, has her right arm in a caste as she was attacked by wild dogs last week. She is a teacher in the Highly Gifted program with Anchorage Schools. Sometimes I think my life is tough. The young lad is named Hunter, and I am told he is a great kid and a talented drummer.

The worship service was a celebration of these young women, who are graduating from High School. Hannah, on the left, is an outstanding student who has a full ride scholarship to Utah State in engineering. Sophia is on the left. She is very involved in social and environmental justice. She will be in Norway studying this year.

Here are a few more pics from the morning.

The empty/full office belongs to Paul, of course. The musical equipment is there to make room in the sanctuary for the Samoan congregation that shares space with First Christian. The last photo is Sam, who was born in Corvallis.

At the parsonage 13 year old James is adjusting a robot suit for younger brother Sam.

I have spent quite a bit of time the past two days, swapping stories with Paul and Dave. They are grieving the recent death of their mother. Amazing things are happening in their church, which is coming alive to the social justice ministries on their doorstep. We’ve also been playing a lot of music together. I brought new music for them, and they have given me some music to take back to Corvallis. We’ve been doing some walking and bike riding in the area; beautiful bike paths, astounding scenery. Also, many many homeless campsites in the trees along the paths. Shocking to see so many people in desperate need in this affluent city.

This morning, a fire drill at a nearby elementary school, meant hundreds of kids were in the FCC parking lot.

Dave made mea fantastic omelet this morning.

I am so fortunate to have these wonderful friends in my life. Tofu has enjoyed their attentions too. She has now taken to barking when people come to the door, just like at home.

Tonight Tofu and I went to a church potluck. Evidently there’s a men’s group and a women’s group, who meet together once a month. Great folks, who were lucky to have me present to sing Paul and Dave’s praises.

We seem to be in a pattern of going to bed about 1am. Right now Jacob, the UCC minister, is here playing music with us. I’m going to go join the jam session.

Love to all of you from spectacular Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Life with the Bolings

  1. Glad you are spending some time with people who welcome & love you. Solitude is healing and necessary up to a point, but we are social creatures. God made us that way. And I’m glad to hear about the church’s commitment to the least and the lost. I know the congregation has people coming to the regional assembly, because two of our women elders have been in communication with someone staying at the same lodging and have offered transportation to and fro. I’m recently home from the elders meeting. XXX-Christy

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  2. John, I can hear your smiles in your words. It’s a beautiful sound. Silence and being alone can give us the necessary pause we all need, but too much is damaging and deafening. Love you and glad to care you with loved ones, sharing and playing music, lifting your voices. Celebrating.
    God Bless,


  3. Those boys look GREAT! So happy to see you are sharing time with them….brings back some really great memories. So sorry to hear of their Moms passing, give them my love.

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  4. How good to see these special friends and to share some glimpses in their ministry! So glad for all the joy and music and memories. Sorrow and joy: both hold grace when shared with dear friends! Holding all of you close in our hearts.

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  5. All the Boling boys look great, young and “old”! James and Sam look like fine young men. Friendship and music are a powerful, healing combination. Glad you and Tofu are surrounded and held.

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