Denali Dreaming

Tofu and I spent a lot of time at church this week. You can tell by the tilt of her head that Tofu is a little puzzled by our behavior. I missed getting a photo of another “Church Dog” named Bella. Bella attends regularly, and the two of them had the run of the place.

We hit the road again late this morning. Last night we didn’t get to bed until 2:15am as there was a salmon and s’mores party going on with UCC minister, wife, Crystal, kids Charisse and Eli. Then we were all up by 7am to get James and Sam off to school. I’m planning on getting some solid sleep tonight in a fleabag motel in Fairbanks.

Today was my shot at seeing Denali. I never saw a raven while in Anchorage, but two hours north i saw one. A few minutes the rain started. An hour later, I saw another one, also on the right side of the road. A few minutes later the snow storm started. Fortunately the temp did not fall below 34 degrees, so nothing stuck on the pavement. But as you can see there was already a lot of snow hanging around.

Facing East, with a stiff wind at my back I tried another clouds hiding mountains shot.

Today the highway was the best I have been on. Also after passing the Denali Highway cutoff there were Rest Stops every 30 miles or so all the way into Fairbanks. In honor of Ann Smart, I may get a closer look at the University of Alaska, before heading to Tok tomorrow.

Ohhh too tired. Got to go to sleep. Safe travels everyone. Love, John

4 thoughts on “Denali Dreaming

  1. Do check out the Raven totem pole on the campus and the museum. It is an outstanding museum and if the mountain is out, you can see it from up there. My office had a spectacular view of the Alaska Range, even if it was a basement office, the view was a million dollar one! Also find Cramer’s field which is a few miles from the campus. This is where all the migratory birds land starting about April 20 and wait until it is ok for them to head to the artic for breeding. They are amazing. Who knows with Global Warming what their schedule is!


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    1. Without a doubt the best view in town! Really interesting blend of architectural styles. I can imagine you here, but I think your move to Corvallis was providential. Love,


  2. I was beginning to wonder if you were OK. Doesn’t take long to expect daily reports! Glad to hear from you before I head for bed. Sounds like you were too busy being social to write. The salmon and smores party sounds delicious! Our daughter Sheila spent several summers at the U in Fairbanks working at a HS summer music camp. She regretted not seeing more of Alaska while she was there. Sleep long and hard!

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  3. It has been so much fun to see your pictures and read your nearly daily postings. Thank you for taking the time to share your adventure. I miss you but am so glad you are taking this trip with Tofu and getting so much out of it. What beautiful country! As Annie Lamont says…”traveling mercies!” Your sis.

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