Mother’s Day Special coming up!

Mom, I called you today from Tok, Alaska. I didn’t mean it to be my Mother’s day call. My intention was to call you from Fairbanks, because that was my high point. The furthest North on this adventure. Anyway, I got distracted trying to get a new toothbrush cause I left my old one in the Boling bathroom (congratulations on your new toothbrush and one pair of socks that Dave was mocking me with in a photo I refuse to share). And Ha Ha on you Boling Boys as I stole Dave’s stocking cap. So Nyah, Nyah, Nyah on you. I digress; sorry Mom. Yes, I’ll apologize to them later.

So I called you today (thinking it was Friday) (which it isn’t, and you set me straight). Mom, thanks for setting me straight about what day it is. You have straightened out about so many things and here is another fine example. So when I called you from Tok, Alaska which is not pronounced “talk” but “toke”, as in having taken something, or smoked something. Tok is the furthest East town in Alaska. Beaver Creek, Yukon, where I am tonight is the furthest west town in the Yukon, and Canada for that matter.

First is a picture of the Visitor’s Center where we parked in Tok, then Tofu at the picnic table where I sat and then I tried to get a little better on the mountains.

Isn’t she cute as she cocks her head like that? I told her “Say happy Mother’s Day!” And she gave me that look.

Here’s a picture of Fast Eddy’s, the place I forgot to take a picture the last time I was in Tok. This place serves great food, at great big prices, and everyone eats here when passing through.

So my plan was to go up to Dawson City, but the road isn’t open yet. So I drove another couple hours to Beaver Creek. In between, I jumped out of the van because I thought I saw a bear down by the river. Two ladies from Wisconsin, heading the opposite direction stopped at the same time thinking the same thing. We chatted and took some pictures but it was an imaginary black bear.

So tonight we’re camping in Beaver Creek at the Beaver Campground, which is two doors down from Buckshot Betty’s Restaurant, bakery, gift shop and campground (which is not yet open. The campground).

Across the street is a nice sign showing how far Beaver Creek is from everyone else. Take note how small Alaska is on the map. That’s a laugher of disproportionality.

And by the way Anchorage, AK is closer to Hawaii than to the U.S. mainland. See where Hawaii is on the map?

So here’s a picture of our campground tonight. Can you spot our van? That’s where we are this very moment. Tofu is snoring beside me as I peck out this thesis.

There are quite a few more vehicles driving north than there was a week ago: RVs, trailers, motorcycles. Here’s a picture of a couple of my friends who greeted Tofu and me with a little dance crossing the road. I should have set my camera to video.

I’ve made a decision to return to Whitehorse, and stay an extra day in town. It is the city that has most peaked my curiosity. Then I am going to change directions for the rest of the trip. That means I will be in conflict with this sign (which I saw in Whitehorse) and which I like very much.

But I have taken a vow that I will not drive the length of the I-5 corridor between Portland and Bellingham ever again. It made a very rough start to this trip and I won’t have this trip end that way. In the future I will only go that trip by train, plane or bus. Yes, I will go that way by car never, no more, forever. Amen. So lookout eastern Washington. Before too long I’ll be dropping down your way.

So Mom, I love you. I love that in your 96th year, you are still capable of straightening me out, but that you are also correct and very kind and forgiving. Love and goodnight to all the rest of you who are listening in to this Mother’s Day Special.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Special coming up!

  1. John,
    You are such a bright light. You mustxdtill have the ability to make your Mother smile and knowingly shake her head with a huge knowing grin on her face. You mustvfill her day and heart with love when she hears from you.

    Continue your safe, raven filled journey.


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  2. You are blessed to have your mother for so much of your life. My mother left my life too early, much too early. Lynnie left your life too early. That’s why you are on the road. I pray your journey will bring you peace.

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  3. John,

    I like the picture of Tofu with the head cocked just right. Over the years, Steven Spielberg and other film directors must have paid fine sums to animal trainers and/or robotics wizards to get just that effect from a dog.

    May Lynnie’s legacy of love make this Mother’s Day a sacred one for you and your family, and show through you in unexpected ways as all of you continue your own travels in the days and years ahead.


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