National Wildlife Day…

OK, I just made that up. Today Tofu and I traveled from Watson Lake to Fort Newlson, B.C. It was hugely incredible, superlative,superlative. Scenery. I didn’t take many pictures of that. Instead it became National Wildlife Day. I saw more animals today than on any other day. Four ravens, one bunny rabbit, many bison, many sheep, many bears, many of things that look like caribou but aren’t. For your viewing pleasure a sampler of my finer shots:

You may remember I said the woman who helped me at the visitor center in Whitehorse called Fort Nelson the armpit of the world. Now that We’re here in Fort Nelson, I can correct myself. Here’s a view from the camp site that I took a couple of minutes ago.

Compared to Watson Lake this is paradise. She must have been referring to the place I stayed last night. It was more like the gravel pit of the world. Whereas, once you leave the Yukon heading south the scenery definitely begins to change. Throughout the parts of the Yukon and Alaska, I’ve seen on this trip, one thing that is constant is gravel and dust. You don’t see much grass. The trees are stunted, compared to what we see at home.

Today a few hours south I came across Boulder Canyon. Everywhere you travel up here, people are stacking rocks. Many are writing out there names on the sides of slopes. In Watson Lake, my First Nations friends on the roof of the library suggested I should do something with the rocks too. So in Boulder Canyon I erected my own stack of rocks in memory of Lynnie.

As the southernmost city in the Yukon, Walker Lake sort of represents a person’s introduction, or farewell, to what a lot of the scenery is like up here. Rocky.

I have been watching for a moose the whole trip. Saw my first one today.

Yes, it’s stuffed and in a glass case at the Fort Nelson museum. But it is a rare white moose, yes but dead.

Once more, the scenery today was (superlative of your choice. Just a few for you.

The journey to Prince George tomorrow will be long. So Tofu and I need to get on with our evening chores. Love,

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