What I meant to say…

Is that the only grass I saw in Alaska or the Yukon, looked as though the dirt was imported from somewhere else. At First Christian Church in Anchorage you can see a few ducts of some wild grass growing through the gravel. But across the street is the headquarters of British Petroleum, and they have this huge beautiful lawn. It stands in stark contrast to most of the yards I saw. Well excuse me, I went on a bike ride with Paul, and we went by a park with cultivated grass. I wonder where they got the dirt? Probably paid good money for it.

Anyway, when I left Watson Lake, about an hour South, I noticed there was grass growing on the side of the road. Look at the photo of the three Buffalo from yesterday and you will note that they are laying (lying?) on grass. Even though I went through Stone Mountain by way of Boulder Canyon… there was grass growing through the dirt. So before leaving Watson Lake behind for good. Here is a picture of the town from Lake Wye #1; it looks better from this angle. Also, they have a little park, built in 1994 with imported dirt. And a picture of grass along the highway (ignore the bison).

Fort Nelson looks a lot like the Gravel Pit of Canada, except it has a few more stores, and some grass growing out of naturally occurring dirt. As I left town this morning, the grass kept getting thicker and I suspect the dirt deeper. Today I was going to end up I Prince George. I had estimates that ranged from 7 hours to 12 hours driving time. Google said 9 hours and 2 minutes. So I decided I would only Stop at Rest Stops and gas stops, unless I saw a moose. Notice the grass and trees. When I began this trip the deciduous trees were all bare. Now almost all of them have leafed out.

We went over some bumpy road, so Tofu decided she would lay on my coat. It’s kind of a mess back in our bedroom. It only got down to 37 degrees last night, so we slept better. This morning we left town at 7:25am. We started to see some mountains in the distance.

Rest Stops are not as plentiful in the Rockies. But before we made the turnoff onto highway 29, we stopped at the fanciest pit toilet park we have encountered since we jumped into Canada.

For awhile we were descending through hills and we came upon a lush valley where there were silos and wheat and hay. Domestic animals seen today: horses,cattle, sheep, 3 dogs. After Hudson’s Hope we were back in the mountains.

After that, more farmland, more mountains, and finally Prince George. All those towns post there signs about ten miles out fro town. I’ll comment on this town some other time. But here’s a picture of Tofu, on high ground. There is supposed to be a flooding problem at Prince George, but we saw none of it.

For those of you who are interested in the grief aspect: I was singing away in the car, having a good old time. I started in on Kris Kristofferson’s Me and Bobby McGee, which was going great until I sang out “somewhere near Salinas Lord, I let her slip away…” That’s all she wrote. I went on a ten minute full out bawling pity fest. Had to slow down, get my vision clear, and keep on keeping on.”

For those interested in wildlife. Today I Saw: 1 stone sheep, 2 black bears, two white tailed deer, 11 ravens. Now crows are appearing, but I wasn’t counting them, just trying to decided what the were.

My iPad Hotspot is about to fade to nothing, so goodnight. Keep on keeping on. Love,

2 thoughts on “What I meant to say…

  1. Very grateful that you are sharing your journey with us. You are traveling a hard road, and we hope it helps to have friends along. Grasses are tough. When conditions are rocky, many grasses dig in and hold on tenaciously. When there are better conditions, they grow strong and productive. Rest assured that the soils at home are deep and fertile, and the grasses flourish. We’re looking forward to your return. Safe travels to you and Tofu.

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