Home again

The landscape changes so dramatically, when crossing into western Oregon, from north and east. I’ve always considered Hood River the dividing line between east and west along the Columbia. Yesterday I showed some Rhodes in the park. But flowers were blooming all around town. It was lush. I remember when traveling south from The Yukon to Fort Nelson I began to see patches of dandelions. Never before had I looked on them so favorably. But dandelions were about as good as it got until the lilacs appeared in Kamloops.

But now I want to take you from Eastern British Columbia, to Corvallis for some contrast. When Tofu and I went on our morning walk I took just a few pictures of the many blossoms we passed.

And now a video I took from inside our house, that I Made for Paul and Dave and you.

How fortunate I am to be alive this spring. How wonderful, that I’ve got functioning eyeballs, and ears, and all these gifts that allow me to interact and inter-relate, with creation. Isn’t it stupefying that I have the tools to share with you some of what this journey has been about. And thank you for joining Tofu and me on this trip. I’m so glad you’re out there doing whatever it is you think you need to be doing.

I’m thinking of ending this blog and starting another. I might call it Untold Stories. I might like to share whatever is rattling around in my head; and in my case it’s usually a story I picked up somewhere. Before concluding Travels with Tofu, I may need to tell you two or three untold stories from this trip.

Emily just called out “Dinner!” So I’m out of here to join the family table. Blessings and Love,

One thought on “Home again

  1. Good to here of your Travels to Alaska and back. I did not think of Traveling as quickly you did and back. You Traveled a lot of Territory. I have 2 cousins and their wives in Alaska. One lives outside of Juneau and the other lives in Anchorage. The one in Anchorage has a son and daughter-in-law that live there also., I think the daughter lives is the lower 48.

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