Tofu Rides Again!

Yes Friends,it’s a sequel.

This afternoon at 12:32; Tofu and I headed South. The plan is we’re going to begin this trip by going to the Grand Canyon. Call it a Bucket list thing. I just want to do the Griswold thing (talking Chevy Chase in Vacation); walk up to the rim; take a good 30 second look and then on to Wally World.

So today we went over Willamette Pass. Stunning scenery with the oaks in autumn yellow midst the fir trees. Indeed, it was overcast on the western side. But as we came down through the pines towards Klamath Falls the sun came out. I got to see Mt. Shasta in full splendor as we drove along Klamath Lake.

So tonight we’re in a KOA camp in K Falls. I don’t see any RR tracks. The highway is a ways away. If I’m lucky, Tofu will settle down in the tent. Oh and I ate at David’s Brawny Burgers. Most of us customers looked more Hefty than Brawny. But I recommend it over the corporate burgers. I phoned my brother and sister-in-law, Dennis and Gail. They were on the way out the door to a grand daughter’s volleyball game. So they lucked out and didn’t have to entertain me. So, you lucky people get to hear about Tofu’s Journey first night out!

I do want to say “THANKS!” To all you who have extended birthday greetings and gifts my way. To those who didn’t, Let not your hearts be troubled. Personally, I’m really weak in the B Day greeting extending business.

So here’s where we are tonight. It’s supposed to get down to 33 degrees. We are prepared. So everyone sleep tight tonight. Here’s some Love from K Falls to you.

6 thoughts on “Tofu Rides Again!

  1. Where did that expression come from, sleep tight? I find when I sleep tight I am stiff and grumpy the next day. Sleeping loose and relaxed is much better! Wishing you and Tofu happy travels on your Grand adventure. Looking forward to following along.


    1. I think it has to do with the ropes on your pioneer bed, on top of which you’ve placed a mattress of straw or chicken feathers. My sister volunteers at Montieth House. She is my source, though I may have got it wrong.


  2. We’re ready for a sequel! Grand Canyon can be getting colder now, but not as crowded. Kanab, Utah area and Sedona, AZ also very beautiful and fall colors in Oak Creek Canyon should be approaching their fall glory.


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