Continuing from Plains to Walterboro

Yesterday I was having a hard time keeping the WiFi working. Then I couldn’t get it to save as a draft. Finally I gave up for the evening, praying I would be able to recover my masterpiece in the morning. This morning I was still stuck, so I decided to hit the road and keep praying that in Walterboro, my blog would right itself.

Hallelujah! Problems have resolved in Walterboro, South Carolina. So I published part 1 of a 2 part blog. And now for part 2. A black SUV pulled up to the gate at the complex, to let my close personal friend, the President’s brick mason, into the complex. It seemed like a good time for Tofu and me to leave. So We took some pictures of the Carter’ neighbors houses.

Then we headed 2 1/2 miles out of town to see Jimmy’s boyhood home.

This is the front of the house. Here Tofu and I met Ranger Kevin who was coming from the barn. After listening to a long oration on what Tofu could and could not do at the peanut farm, we made an escape back to the back. But Ranger Kevin went the opposite direction and greeted us again. If I wanted to go in the house he volunteered to watch Tofu. So in I went!

Mr. Earle and Miss Lillian’s room.

The only other people in the house when I was there were two people cleaning. Before the indoor bathroom this was the Place.

Ranger Kevin told me there were once nine tenant houses on the property. This is the only one left.

Now Tofu and I drove back into town. I stopped at the ice cream shop for a cup of swirled peanut and chocolate soft serve. Tofu enjoyed licking the bowl. Then we hit the highway for Cordele, where we spent the night. It was a frustrating night. Not only couldn’t I complete the Blog, there is A free truck scale about 20 yards from out Motel 6 room. All night long trucks were using those scales.

This morning we rose early and hit the country roads, headed for Walterboro, South, Carolina. No particular reason, But as I got to to own there was a sign directing me to the Tuskegee Airmen National Monument. As per usual, the signage directing us to the Monument was atrocious. Luckily, I am smart enough to figure out the Monument would be close the airport. This is where I found a really Underwhelming. Still there was some good information.

Finally we headed back to town. I ran into this church.

The historic district of the town had very narrow streets; one lane. So I drove to the nicest Motel 6 with Tofu. We have a working TV and excellent WiFi. It’s 4:30pm EDT. So I’m gonna feed Tofu; find some Me food, and spend the night chillaxin.

Love to All.

One thought on “Continuing from Plains to Walterboro

  1. So much history to take in….I love those great old houses. Love the sign in front of the FCC, have to share that with our sign board changers…..keep safe and keep on truckin’!

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