Perseverance pays off

This morning Tofu and I headed north out of North Carolina and into Virginia. We got off the freeway at Emporia, Virginia. I wanted to see if I could find a grocery store in the old town. After looking high and low, I stopped a man walking down the street. “Is there a grocery store in this town?” “Not no more.” “Where do people get their groceries?” “Out at the freeway.” Then he gave me directions right back to where I had originally exited the freeway. So here’s where I got some uncooked chicken breasts.

Walmart has conquered the South. This is when I took off on a country road headed West. I got my directions from a cell phone call to a friend of ours. He said it would take about 47 minutes to get to our destination. My destination was this little town.

As instructed I turned left at the post office.

So I am really way out in the country. Dundas is tiny. No grocery store, or any other store for that matter. So I went cruising out of town, looking for the place I’m supposed to land. Scanning the horizon I do see a church out across the field, but the sign by the road says there’s a Baptist church down that road. So I just keep on going down the road till it t-bones into another road. I thought I’d come too far, or maybe I went the wrong direction at the post office. So I contacted my guide, who was incredulous that I’d missed the church. I turned around and went back to the road advertising a Baptist Church, and I headed toward that brick church in the distance. I want you to know eventually I traveled the whole length of this road and I never saw this Baptist Church. But I did find this church:

But I didn’t stop as I am on the way to the pastor’s house. You go down this winding road into some trees and you take a right turn at a black mailbox. I almost missed it! But I didn’t. Here’s the driveway.

Here’s my Guide and Host with his dog in front of the parsonage.

Here are some shots around the house, showing off the park Eric and Sherlock live in.

Inside the house is Eric’s office. It was nice to see some books are being used that started in my library. He’s even got my picture on his wall!

Living room (take note Pamella)and dining room.

While Tofu’s chicken was boiling on the stove, Eric fed me two kinds of stew: Sheep stew and Brunswick stew. He warned me about the Sheep Dip, but as long as I thought “gravy” it tasted good. But the Brunswick stew was great. We had a great conversation. When lunch was over and the chicken cooked we headed back toward the church.

This is the 2nd building on this site. Here’s a painting of the original building.

A few more shots inside the church.

It was really great to see Eric, in place. Wow, this way out in the country. I’m amazed that they can not only keep this church going, but about a hundred Baptist churches as well.

After parting with Eric, Tofu and I went through many more fields and farms before we got to Petersburg, where we are tonight. Rain is being predicted for tomorrow, but we are going to go to some battlefields anyway.

We’ve only been on this journey 16 days, but it seems much longer. We’ve been in new places and seen new things every day. Thus far it’s been a great experience. But I am missing my homeys. I will be glad to get home. But first I’ve set my sights on Niagra Falls! So good night dear ones, from all the way across the country.


8 thoughts on “Perseverance pays off

  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Eric and his place in the beautiful country area where his home is located. Also, the church looks like a very nice one. So glad you will make it to Niagara Falls. Are you seeing some of the beautiful fall trees? The trees here in Corvallis are very pretty right now.

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  2. Thank you, John and Tofu, for persevering and stopping to see Eric. I know it meant a lot to him (and to us). When we first visited Dundas, we rented a car and arrived at night. It was really scary. The hardest part was that our GPS gave us directions using names of the roads, but the road signs did not have names, but numbers! You would think in such a small community that finding your way would be easy, but it is challenging (as you discovered). Perseverance does pay off! Safe travels as you head north to Niagara Falls. I hope you get to stop by Appomattox on your way. I found it incredibly moving.

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  3. One of the best parts of the trip vicariously for me as well as others. I have imagined Eric’s church, home and town and this is so good to see the photos. Great for Eric to have your visit, I’m sure as well as for people who love him to get to see his parish.

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