On to I Dee Ho

Lynnie’s Uncle Cress, who was actually her great uncle, pronounced Idaho, I-Dee-Ho. He and his younger brother (Lynnie’s Grandpa) left Arkansas and moved to Idaho after Lynnie’s Grandpa graduated from 8th grade. When Uncle Cress was in his 80’s he would challenge the young bucks in the family to push-up contests. There was never any contest. I-Dee-Ho. I know someone from Iowa who pronounces it I-Oh-Way.

So today Tofu and I were in 3 states, Wyoming, Utah and I-Dee-Ho. It was a cold and snowy beginning.

Please take note of the clean van which (at great expense to Tofu’s nervous system) went through the car wash yesterday.

So we left Rock Point at 8am. What came next was an hour of shear terror on the freeway. It was 21 degrees, and within a few minutes, the road turned into a sheet of ice, with a giant wind machine blowing in our face. For an hour we were going 35-40 mph, just trying to stay on the road. I have a slip indicator light on the van and it was blinking on and off for a long time. Also I made a mistake of trying to use my windshield washer, which was frozen, so I was peering through a windshield that was like well ripened cataracts. But eventually the weather eased up, and I found a place to stop. I had been looking at similar geography, without being able to get a picture.

Another place we stopped.

And another. This is in Utah.

Geographically, Utah is my favorite desert state. Such dramatic mountain vistas. I love that the towns tend to be nestled at the base of the western slope, looking out toward the Great Salt Lake.

But on to Idaho.

Remember the nice clean van washed yesterday at great expense to Tofu. She’s not happy about it today.

Add a couple hours and we are very close to Twin Falls, Idaho. We stopped to look at the gorge.

We headed down the gorge to Shoshone Falls. I’ve seen them when they were more impressive, so I decided not to keep going down a windy road.

Then we went into Twin Falls, where I discovered this:

And this is where I’m leaving you today. We’ve come along way. It was 21-24 degrees across Wyoming. In Utah it began to rise into the mid 30’s. In Idaho it has reached a balmy 43. So Tofu and I are basking in the heat. She’s demanding I get on with her dinner. As her obedient servant I must relinquish this chair and face my responsibilities. Hopefully, you will next hear from us in Oregon.

Goodnight and Love.

3 thoughts on “On to I Dee Ho

  1. We’ve enjoyed your travelogue, cousin. If you’re planning to take highway 84 will you stop in Hood River for a visit with Granny and Grandpa Yantis? My folks are buried next to them, too, as well as Uncle Ned. Or if you go through Bend Peggy is there and I could give you her phone number. Best wishes on the rest of your travels.


  2. I’m leaving Idaho by plane in a few minutes. Was here to preach in Caldwell this a.m. had to scrape some thick ice off windows on all four sides of car in 28 degrees this morning headed out from Boise this morning. Have a good drive tomorrow. It’s s pretty one. I do it often. Cheating this time and flying. Happy last day of driving. I’ve enjoyed the ride.


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