High Plains Drifter

Remember the Clint Eastwood movie? The title popped out of my head as Tofu and I ploughed West across the high plains, a strong wind 44mph+ in our face, temperature about 36 degrees. There was a “point of interest” so I decided to take a look. The wind was so strong, I barely had the strength to get the door open. Besides a line of trucks, this is what I saw.

Warning signs were flashing across the freeway urging caution because of wind gusts over 45. I did see a terrible accident that had taken place a few minutes before I arrived. Two semi trucks and trailers were tipped over and entangled. Windshields were blown out. Several men had stopped their trucks and were on the scene, doing what they could. My theory of the accident is that one truck was being followed closely. The lead truck was tipped by the wind and lost control. The second truck got caught up in the out of control situation and they both crashed. This is the first crash I have seen on my 32 days on the road.

We got to Rock Springs and it was easy to see how it got it’s name. I stopped at a Wells Fargo Bank and took these shots.

Across from our Motel is this view. Not too much scenery in the area, so pretty soon I turned my attention to buildings.

We went on an exploratory tour to find the old downtown. Wandering around, I found some church buildings.

At last I found the downtown.

The downtown is not through that gate. If you turn around you are on one of two main streets. The first Street is next to railroad tracks. Here are a few photos.

The newest biggest building is a bank.

The town strings along I-80 for about five miles. All the new developments are west, Walmart, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s etc..

My health is holding up. We got the van washed and the clothing laundered. We’ve crossed the Continental Divide. Tomorrow we’re headed to Utah. It looks like we’ve gotten ahead of the storms.

Goodnight and Love.

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