Tofu’s got a ball in her mouth. She’s ready to play a little catch and no release. I throw, she catches and keeps the ball. I throw another ball, she runs to catch it. She drops the first ball. When I come to pick up the first ball, she drops the second ball. Tofu picks up the first ball and I move toward the second ball. She drops the first ball and quickly picks up the second one. You see how this goes. Eventually I get a ball from her and the game continues.

We’re home! 37 days on the road. Today is the first day we traveled less than 300 miles. It’s been a great, long trip. This the last of my long road trips. From now on it will be planes, trains, ferries, or busses. No more tents. No more sleeping in the van. Tonight we’ll be sleeping in our own bed as God intended!

So this is probably the end of Travels with Tofu. We’ve had a good run. But I think it’s time for Tofu to lay down her traveling shoes. We’ve still got some rounds of catch and No Release to attend to.

So safe travels to all you fellow travelers. Tofu and I wish you well. Love.

6 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Safely home. Now to sort the pictures, savor the memories, and hone the anecdotes! Might be a further post or two in there. I’m sure Tofu could add a story or two but I expect she is mostly just glad to be back to her own house and yard. You too — almost time to prune the roses.

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