Okay then,

Got to Portland Friday afternoon for some Sam-Fam time. Here’s the almost 10 year old swinging away, demonstrating all the baseball prowess of his forebears. Looks great don’t you think? So Sunday morning after some excellent family gaming, Sam and I took some great selfies. Here’s the coziest one of the bunch.

I left at 12:01pm and one hour later was 20 miles up the I-205 in bumper to bumper. So folks Sunday afternoon was essentially the 5th level of hell all the way on the I-5 corridor. After Seattle, comes Everett and Skagit. Finally, the traffic thinned out enough, the strip malls thinned out and the gorgeous scenery of northern Washington was on almost full display. That’s right I haven’t complained about the rain yet. 50 % of the time these nasty squalls were messing up the view.

Got to Lynden, a few miles short of the Canadian border. This is probably not a surprise to you, but It was to me; things are way different from what they were 22 years ago when Lynnie and I passed through. Miles of strip mall fever have invaded the route. It took some investigative work, but I managed to find the quaint Scandihoovian village of Lynden still intact. Everything downtown was closed as these are pretty religious people, Dutch Reformed and associated types. The tourists need some servicing even on Sundays. Hence a Cracker Jack business district has erupted on the outskirts bypassing the Lynden fuddy-duddies. Okay then.

We got to our KOA camp at 5:50pm. It used to be in the country but now it is surround by housing tracts. Still a nice quit place. No sign of the RR tracks that adjoin most KOA’s. The rain has stopped. I’ll take a photo in the morning if we make it through the night. Tofu’s a little concerned about all the dog neighbors. Maybe I should say “Was” as she is currently snoring at my feet. Okay then.

For those who have been concerned about my listening habits. Today I listened to some KBOO, and then a part of the Beaver Ball Game. Eventually I got some religion in with the National Christian Choir. They sang some old hymns. Imagine “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, jazzed up, and you’ll have a sense of what I was willing to do to honor the Lord’s Day. This woman with a really calm voice read scriptures between songs. Did wonders for my road rage. Okay then.

It’s 815pm. My neighbors have one small tent a half dozen kids, and a little dog. Chatting up other neighbors. Tofu and I are gonna go for a walk, and then see how our bed works. In the morning we’ll will attempt to leave the country in the morning. Okay then.

Night night. Sleep well. I’m sending out love to you. Okay then.

7 thoughts on “Okay then,

  1. Nice selfie!

    Let the adventure begin! I’m glad you are getting to the border before the Canadians get the wall built.
    Okay, then.


  2. Aaaaaaand you’re off! Hope the bed worked out okay — but you’ll get used to it. Border crossing coming up, lots more road and fewer and fewer strip malls. Settling into a new routine. Onward!


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