Keep your distance

Slept well enough Sunday night. Packed up, secured coffee and headed for the border. Low traffic, so the customs agents did a serious vetting, including a thorough search of all my stuff. Having been pronounced Canada worthy, Tofu was let out of jail, and We hit the road. The road was amazing! Six and a half hours later we stopped at Williams Lake,and are camping at the “Home of Famous Lake Williams Stampede”. I’ll take a picture in the morning.

Here’s a couple from along the way.

Long Horn Sheep, Long Horn Sheep, Long Horn Sheep.

Nope no photo. But that’s what I yelled at Tofu when five or six of them stood beside the road as we whizzed by. I’m not going to go into the details of all the landscapes I saw. Suffice it to say, I have trouble imagining I’ll see some amazing landscape tomorrow I haven’t already seen today.

But I do want to tell you, I was cruising down a four lane highway, with no other car in sight for as far as I could see (which was quite a ways both coming and going, before and behind). Lo, an enormous lighted sign that covered all four lanes, loomed before me. In towering letters it said,”Keep Your Distance”. I am still baffled as to what problem was being addressed. I do think It’s directed at me (and anyone else who happens to drive under it. So I’m going interpret the sign as urging me to complete the distance I have set for myself each day. I must make my markers every day. This is the only way to get to the bed in Anchorage on the day For which reservations have been made. Still it seems odd.

Keep your distance folks, even if the road is empty. It’s important!

And it’s time for Tofu to take a walk.



8 thoughts on “Keep your distance

  1. Glad you slept well, were deemed “Canada worthy,” and kept your distance! We are eagerly following your journey and holding you two close in thought and prayer.


  2. We’re following along on Google Maps as you traverse the highways of the Great North. Hope you don’t feel stalked! Keep your distance, but don’t hurry past things you want to stop and see. This is not a race, it is a journey. Enjoy it. Live it. Let it heal.

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  3. I remember going to Bella Coola a few years ago and turning west at Williams Lake….. I remember long stretches of little or no traffic also, but I also remember the vast acreages of dead timber in that country. Pine Bark Beetle kill I suspect.

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    1. I tried to reply a couple nights ago, but it wouldn’t load. The scenery keeps changing. Not seeing a lot of dead trees the last two days. Lot of deciduous not yet leafed out.


  4. Nephew….Sorry I didnt find out about thistrip of yours. Ive done it saveral times, heck I might have joined you. Youll see the wonders of our ancesters big guy. Keep the dirty side down and dont stop for anything bigger than you.🤠

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