On to Niagara Falls

My blog problem has been resolved. Sorry if you found the last one confusing. I’m not going to look at it for awhile. So this morning we woke up to this outside our door.

Leaving Carlisle I immediately got us lost. After some cursing, we got back on track and headed North. Saw some stuff on a day that got increasingly rainy.

The fall colors are amazing. I’m surprised almost every day, at how much country there is in this country. Not far from the Pennsylvania/New York border With the rain pounding the windshield, I saw this road side and thought, wait a minute… Teri and Mitch! Right? Teri and Mitch.

We kept on trucking toward Rochester, then west toward Buffalo, then north, then west and here we are!

Tofu doesn’t like this place very much. The park is great but there are way too many squirrels. I don’t think I’ve told you that Tofu is a squirreler. She’s also a birder. She kind of goes berserk straining at the leash, growling and carrying on. She does like all the attention she gets from the people. However, the Falls, are kind of terrifying to a 17 pound cockatoo.

I had to trash several photos, when the sun came out from behind the clouds. The glare off the mist was so bright, I couldn’t even see. So I waited for cloud cover, except when facing away from the sun.

I took a picture for these guys and air-dropped it to an iPhone. Then there were these Amish folks from Illinois.

Stunning, Wondrous, Amazing, Stupefying. I’ve gone from the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls. Compare and Contrast! In between I refought the Civil War. Yikes-a-Mighty!

What’s left? Well it only makes sense we go to Portland, Maine, so the next couple days we’ll spend a little time in Vermont and New Hampshire and see if we can find a lobster. It would be nice if the snow holds off.

As you can see, Tofu is now in peaceful repose. May you sleep as soundly as she does and may your dreams be sweet. Love

4 thoughts on “On to Niagara Falls

  1. Yes, you went right through Mansfield, PA and the brick buildings in the picture are the University where Teri is a professor. Glad you made it to Niagra Falls.

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  2. Stunning indeed! Still! After all these years. See they are still running the Maid of the Mist as well. That’s a fun boat ride, but definitely not for Tofu. Enjoy the beauty of New England fall!

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  3. Wow! You’ve covered so much territory in such a short time. You are now in the areas where Prill, Charlotte Lee, and I spent our growing up years. Pretty isn’t it? Keep on enjoying your time on the other side of the country!

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