Traveling the Trail of Tears

Leaving Murfreesboro this morning we passed through the northwestern corner of Georgia, then crossed into the northeast corner of Alabama. I stopped to read this sign about DeSoto’s expedition in 1848, looking for gold in Alabama. Traveling south I Kept seeing these “Trail of Tears” road signs. From 1830-1850 almost 17,000 First Nations people were […]

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On the Musical Highway

There are roadsigns on the freeway between Memphis and Nashville calling it the Musical Highway. Memphis is the home of Sun Recored where the Million Dollar quartet recorded their early songs. Nashville is the home of the Grand Ole Opery. In between them is a city called Jackson,which instantly makes me recall June Carter Cashes […]

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From Hope to Graceland

Last night I tried to convey how hard it was to get into the Motel 6 in Texarkana. You’re traveling down a two lane, one way frontage road and at 3pm it is filled with traffic (I took the photos this morning). Look quick! Where do you enter? No visible sign saying Enter, and besides […]

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We accidentally went to Arkansas

I took only one photo today. We’ll get to that later. About 45 minutes southeast out of Wichita Falls, this morning I shouted, “Wow, beautiful pastures”. Put a fright in Tofu, but a little belly rubbing helped overcome her alarm. Yes the scenery was low rolling hills, grass, trees, pleasant. But I’m on this highway […]

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Tofu travels to Wichita Falls

We got out of Tucumcari early in the morning. Before long we had left New Mexico and entered Texas. The sky was overcast with intermittent rain showers. The scenery was redundant. Crossing into Texas and headed toward Amarillo there were miles of wind turbine towers. After some crazy traffic in Amarillo, there were more wind […]

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Passing through Pueblo

We slept well last night. This morning we headed toward Sant Fe. I wanted to make connection with the Santa Fe Trail. Of course Santa Fe is this huge city with terrible traffic. Not much guidance to “Old Santa Fe” for someone just passing through. Eventually I saw a sign for Route 66 and the […]

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Escape from Arizona

Wow, I wrote several paragraphs and saved them as a draft. But it disappeared and I can’t seem to get it back. So I’m starting over. I’ve had a multi- layered conversion experience. Rather than a blow-by-blow (see first draft), I’ll give a brief summary. I’m all rigged for tent camping, which I enjoy when […]

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Grand Canyon Indeed

We got out of the rain in a Motel 6 in Flagstaff. In the morning there were some snow capped peaks. We got on highway 180 traveling NW. A beautiful drive on old rout 66. There were groves of Ponderosa Pine. Made me think of Lorne Greene and Bonanza. Eventually the pines were overtaken with […]

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Wondering in the Wilderness

Wonder, is the best word I can come up with for this day. Tofu was in no way impressed, dogs being more scent oriented than us. But Zion National Park is a wonder to be beheld for the likes of me. Moses found God in the desert. The burning bush called and Moses said, “I […]

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From Tonopah to Hurricane

Here’s our upscale motel in Tonopah. $64. New owners busy remodeling. Now for a view across the highway. I took some downtown pictures but they seem to have disappeared except for these. This was desolation day traveling from central Nevada to the southeast corner. Most of the trip stark, dry, lacking color, barren, mountainous long. […]

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