Escape from Arizona

Wow, I wrote several paragraphs and saved them as a draft. But it disappeared and I can’t seem to get it back. So I’m starting over. I’ve had a multi- layered conversion experience. Rather than a blow-by-blow (see first draft), I’ll give a brief summary. I’m all rigged for tent camping, which I enjoy when […]

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Grand Canyon Indeed

We got out of the rain in a Motel 6 in Flagstaff. In the morning there were some snow capped peaks. We got on highway 180 traveling NW. A beautiful drive on old rout 66. There were groves of Ponderosa Pine. Made me think of Lorne Greene and Bonanza. Eventually the pines were overtaken with […]

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Wondering in the Wilderness

Wonder, is the best word I can come up with for this day. Tofu was in no way impressed, dogs being more scent oriented than us. But Zion National Park is a wonder to be beheld for the likes of me. Moses found God in the desert. The burning bush called and Moses said, “I […]

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From Tonopah to Hurricane

Here’s our upscale motel in Tonopah. $64. New owners busy remodeling. Now for a view across the highway. I took some downtown pictures but they seem to have disappeared except for these. This was desolation day traveling from central Nevada to the southeast corner. Most of the trip stark, dry, lacking color, barren, mountainous long. […]

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Tonight from Tonopah

Last night I was interrupted while composing some words rom Honey Lake. When I got back to them they wouldn’t post. Tonight I’m way the hell gone to central Nevada in Tonopah. I can’t get a draft from last night to come up, so now you’re in for a long session First there was yesterday. […]

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Tofu Rides Again!

Yes Friends,it’s a sequel. This afternoon at 12:32; Tofu and I headed South. The plan is we’re going to begin this trip by going to the Grand Canyon. Call it a Bucket list thing. I just want to do the Griswold thing (talking Chevy Chase in Vacation); walk up to the rim; take a good […]

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Home again

The landscape changes so dramatically, when crossing into western Oregon, from north and east. I’ve always considered Hood River the dividing line between east and west along the Columbia. Yesterday I showed some Rhodes in the park. But flowers were blooming all around town. It was lush. I remember when traveling south from The Yukon […]

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Yesterday Tofu and I travelled from Ellensburg to our Portland family home, with Jeremiah, Nan and Sam. Road trip In some ways we completed our great northern road trip at Celilo Falls, which is now buried under tons of water due to the Dalles Dam on the Columbia River. If you are able to read […]

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Gone Fiddling Again.

That’s what this couple call themselves. They’re playing on the lawn of the Ellensburg KOA camp. Tofu and I are the only other people on the lawn. They’re really pretty good. I’ve been listening almost an hour. I like all their picks so far. Everything from Blue Bajou, to Yesterday, and Folsom Prison Blues. The […]

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Hey Stu!

So last night Tofu and I were taking our evening stroll. As we travelled by the RV’s in Northland RV Park, which is a small place just South Prince George, I was looking at license plates. I’ve only seen one other Oregon plate on our entire journey and that was in a snowstorm. I saw […]

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