Denali Dreaming

Tofu and I spent a lot of time at church this week. You can tell by the tilt of her head that Tofu is a little puzzled by our behavior. I missed getting a photo of another “Church Dog” named Bella. Bella attends regularly, and the two of them had the run of the place. […]

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Life with the Bolings

I meant to take one day off from writing and it has stretched out a little. That’s life with the Bolings. Sunday morning Tofu and I went to church here: Inside the building a whole lot of church was going on. Paul and Dave are looking great! Between them I think they’ve lost about 300 […]

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Arrival in Anchorage

Last night Tofu and I were in the empty campground In Tok. After publishing my blog I realized I had forgotten to tell you something important. Just a few miles before Tok. A herd of 20-30 Caribou crossed the road in front of me! I saw them a ways off, and so kept slowing down, […]

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USA Today

We traveled further than we had planned. Arriving in Beaver Creek, Yukon, it was only 2:30 and the camping, modeling, eating choices were not attractive, so onward to Tok, Alaska. Here’s a couple photos of the almost empty campground where we will be tonight. The owner said the pipes are just now unfrozen, and he […]

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Scenery keeps changing

First a pic of our lovely camping spot at Williams Lake. Yes #73 is our spot. Spot is exactly the right word. Then a rest stop. Tofu is interested in the contents of the bowl. We kept passing all these lakes; some little and some miles long. Never saw anyone on the water. Some giant […]

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Keep your distance

Slept well enough Sunday night. Packed up, secured coffee and headed for the border. Low traffic, so the customs agents did a serious vetting, including a thorough search of all my stuff. Having been pronounced Canada worthy, Tofu was let out of jail, and We hit the road. The road was amazing! Six and a […]

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